Friday, 5 December 2008

10 Reasons...

Why Steliana Nistor is my favourite Romanian of the past quad.
10. She always looked well turned out but not overdone. Very business like.

9. Personally, I really liked her floor exercise, in fact it was one of my favourites in Beijing, including choreography and tumbling

8. For me, Steliana had a great body type, not all skin and bone, but not over the top muscle, just right!

7. Steliana was the oldest Romanian on the team, but remained their brightest all around stars for the entire quad. Even when she was injured, she wasn't beaten to the all around finals by a younger member of the team.

6. She was the leader of the Romanian pack and the one who was full of personality.You could tell by the way she interacted with them, she's a bit of a chatter box.

5. The girl had guts! She fought through many injuries to be at Beijing because the team needed her there, and she gave it her all. I was so glad when she and the Romanian's got bronze because to see all Steliana's effort go unrecognised would have been heart breaking.

4. Unlike most of the Romanians, she was an all around gymnast that was solid on all four events, including uneven bars.3. She is clever too! She taught herself English and took her exams just before Beijing, attaining very good results. I can't imagine preparing for my final year whilst also preparing for the Olympics! Madness!

2. You could see her attitude in the way she performed, even if she was having an off day, she would not be beaten. Her routines all showed her personality and were unique just in the way she delivered them

1. Most likely arriving from the point above - her consistency. Pavlova could learn a thing or two from Nistor, she barely ever fell! In fact, I can't remember the last time she did fall.

Here's to Stela!

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Anonymous said...

I miss Stela and her gymnastics already. It's hard to imagin the Romanian team without her....