Sunday, 20 September 2009

Who I would like to see...

In the all around final at worlds!
Ok, so I have my ticket (and a spare one actually if anyone would like a ticket to the wag all around final in block 103 row J). Here are the gymnasts that I am dying to see...

1. Rebecca Bross
2. Ivana Hong (I know, I know, it probably won't happen. I can dream though, right?)
3. Diana Chelaru
4. Lauren Mitchel
5. Charlotte Mackie
6. Jiang Yuyuan
7. Deng Linlin (I know she's not on the roster.. but again, I can dream! I just fell in love with the little munchkin)
8. Ksenia Semenova
9. Ksenia Afanasyeva
10. Yana Demenychuk
11. Beckie Downie

Who do I want to win? I'm not so sure. Part of me thinks that Sloan deserves to win, even though she's not one of my favourite gymnasts. Most of me wants a non-American gymnast to win. Give the rest of the world a chance! I think I'll be rooting for Yuyuan and Semenova :)

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Romanian Nationals

1. Ana Progras (57.525)
2. Diana Chelaru (56.700)
3. Ana Maria Tamirjan (56.300)

Overall, the Romanians aren't looking great. There were a lot of falls on bars and beam, whatever happened to the famous Romanian consistency? As they are I can't really see the Romanians being a threat at worlds. That's not me being cynical, I have always loved Romanian gymnastics but right now they really don't look up to it. Racea, Idorsche, Bulimar and Voicu are looking good for the future though!

Ana Maria Tamirjan

Ana didn't have a bad day, but it wasn't a good day, she looked much the same as she did in Milan earlier this year.
VT: DTY with a hop, FTY legs apart on contact, big step back (14.475)
UB: Full turn (fall), Tchatchev, Double layout (legs apart) (12.750)
BB: Front aerial (broken connection), flick layout, sidesomi, freehandspring, sheep jump, front tuck, full spin, change leg 1/2 (wobble), double pike dismount (14.775)
FX: Full-in piked, full-in tucked, 3/2 front 1/1, triple spin (well controlled), double pike. (14.325)
Sad to see that she has taken out the double layout on floor :(

Diana Chelaru

Diana had an pretty good day with a very nice beam and floor but a fall on bars, she looked pretty upset after the fall so it was nice to see her come back and hit on beam.
VT: DTY(?) Legs apart, bent legs, Handspring pike front (14.475)
UB:Gienger, 180 turn to jeager (fall), double layout (12.750)
BB: Front tuck, Change leg 1/4, flick full twist tucked (small wobble), free walkover, side somi, sheep jump, change leg to back tuck, double tuck dismount (stuck) (14.850)
FX: Full-in, whip to triple twist (more controlled than at euros but legs crossed), front tuck walk out to double tuck, double pike. (14.625)
Gabriella Dragoi

Gabi didn't look great which was a shame. She only competed bars and beam with watered down dismounts
UB: Jaeger (low), toe on-full turn, geinger (legs apart), double tuck (stuck)
BB: Front tuck (wobble), front aerial to flick layout, full spin with leg at horizontal to full spin, side aerial, side somi, double spin (wobble), double twist dismount.

Anna Progras

VT: FTY, well flighted (13.975)
UB: Didn't catch all of this routine, there was some nice stalder work and a double layout dismount though! (14.775)
BB: Front aerial to flick layout (big wobble), back walkover to flick layout to two feet (fall), yang bo, sheep jump, double pike dismount (14.725)
FX: Very nice dance to classical music, Full-in (step out), double spin with leg at horizontal, 2 1/2 to front tuck (step out), memmel turn, double pike, double tuck.(14.050)
I'm really suprised she came out on top here, she seemed.. well.. blah to me. I would have picked Chelaru for the top spot.

Amelia Racea

VT: FTY? step back, yurchenko half on to front tuck
UB: Jaeger, Stalder to 1/2 turn (looked like it was meant to be to full turn), shoot over to low bar (legs apart), double front dismount
BB: Started with a wobble, flick layout to two feet, change leg to back tuck, full spin, sheep jump, side aerial to side somi, double pike dismount (low)
FX: Piked full-in, triple twist, front tuck walk out to double tuck, double pike

Diana Bulimar

I missed her bars and vault!
BB: Side somi (fall), side aerial, free walkover, change leg 1/2 (fall), full spin (well controlled), flick layout (wobble), change leg to back pike, double pike dismount (low)
FX: Full-in, 3/2 to double tuck, 2 1/2 front tuck, double pike. Some nice dance work, a good floor routine

Cerasela Patrascu

Only competed bars and beam
UB: Watered down dismount, single layout flyaway
BB: Free walkover, flick layout, front tuck, attempt at a yang bo?, change leg, side somi, front full dismount.
There was a funny moment with cerasela after she finished beam, lili comsos spoke to her as she turned around and rolled her eyes, haha.

Larissa Iordache

Was definately the star of the show today!
BB: Change leg to back tuck, flick to full twist tucked, free walkover flick layout, change leg 1/2, side somi, front tuck, double spin, round off flick triple (I think... could have been a double?) twist dismount
FX: Full in, front full, 2.5 front tuck front tuck, double turn with leg up, triple twist. Very nice dance.

Claudia Voicu

BB: Silivas mount, change leg, side aerial, free walkover to flick layout, full turn with leg at horizontal, change leg 1/2 to back tuck, sheep jump, side somi (fall), double pike dismount. Other than the fall, a nice routine.
FX: Double pike, 2 1/2, double spin with leg at horizontal, 1 1/2 to front layout, 2 1/2 spin, double tuck
I missed the other routines, but she was looking pretty good

There was an absolutely tiny gymnast called Maria Bale (Not sure about that spelling..) who had an awful time on bars with two falls and it looked like she ripped her hand and came off very upset, but she came back with a good beam and floor which was nice to see.

In other news.. Sandra Izbasa is going to Germany (Frankfurt) for her tendon surgery on Monday afternoon. Good luck Sandra!