Sunday, 20 September 2009

Who I would like to see...

In the all around final at worlds!
Ok, so I have my ticket (and a spare one actually if anyone would like a ticket to the wag all around final in block 103 row J). Here are the gymnasts that I am dying to see...

1. Rebecca Bross
2. Ivana Hong (I know, I know, it probably won't happen. I can dream though, right?)
3. Diana Chelaru
4. Lauren Mitchel
5. Charlotte Mackie
6. Jiang Yuyuan
7. Deng Linlin (I know she's not on the roster.. but again, I can dream! I just fell in love with the little munchkin)
8. Ksenia Semenova
9. Ksenia Afanasyeva
10. Yana Demenychuk
11. Beckie Downie

Who do I want to win? I'm not so sure. Part of me thinks that Sloan deserves to win, even though she's not one of my favourite gymnasts. Most of me wants a non-American gymnast to win. Give the rest of the world a chance! I think I'll be rooting for Yuyuan and Semenova :)

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