Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The not so tiny tumblers?

Gymnasts have a reputation for being short. The average female height is 5'4", so are there any gymnasts that hit (or even exceed that), to become above average height?

Svetlana Boguinskaya hits the average height at 5'4" (However, some sources claim she was 5'2", so perhaps she is cheating her way into our tall books)

Svetlana Khorkina, probably the most famous 'tall gymnast', stands at 5'5".

Sandra Izbasa shows that you don't have to be short to win a gold medal on floor. She matches Khorkina at 5'5"
Another at 5'5" is Germany's Katja Abel
Katheleen Lindor, another Olympian, stands at 5'6". She had to have the bars adjusted for her in Beijing!Although probably more memorable for her awful taste in leotards, Adela Sain of Slovenia stand at 5'6

Marie Sophie Hindermann, a German Olympian, can be considered tall by most standards at 5'7"


Anonymous said...

Isabelle Severino is 5'6'' as well. If you look on the NBC website there are pictures of the amount of people it took to raise the bars for Kathleen Lindor!

Katrina said...

I feel somewhat normal LOL though in my family I'm the shortest by several inches (I'm 5'8").

Emily said...

Katrina, I agree! I'm the shortest in my family at 5'9!! The next shortest is 5'11, i feel like a midget!

giRafe said...

wouldn't Yvonne Tousek fit in your list as well??
I quickly tried to look for her height on the Web but couldn'T find.
She looks as tall as Khorkina to me when she's on the beam.