Sunday, 9 November 2008

No olympics would be complete without.... A gymnastics scandal!

Lets take a look back at the Olympic scandals of the last twenty years...

2008- I'm sure you all remember this one. The age old age debate. I won't go into details, this topic has been done to death

2004 saw Paul Hamm awarded the Olympic gold medal, however after the competition it was reported that the winner should have been the Korean Yang Tae Young due to an incorrectly calculated start value. Medals were not re-awarded and Yang Tae Yound had to settle for bronze.

2000- We just couldn't get enough scandal in the Sydney Olympics, we saw Andrea Raducan win gold in what was said to be a 'tainted' all around competition with many falls resulting from the incorrect height setting of the vault. Of course, no one was happy with this but we were even more unhappy when the medal was later revoked in a drugs scandal!

1996- The noise in Atlanta supposedly led to poor performances from some gymnasts who were unable to hear their music. Most notably was Roza Galieva who had been removed from the all around 4 years earlier.

1992 -Speaking of Roza Galieva, she was withdrawn from the all around competition with a 'knee injury' in order to let her team mate, Tatiana Gutsu, compete. Tatiana fell from the balance beam during the team optionals and thus finished as only the fourth highest Soviet, not qualifying for the all around. The Soviet coach felt that Tatiana had a better chance at gold- and he was right.

1988 - The USA finished just out of the medals after a 0.5 deduction after enforcement of a little-used rule. The team alternate, Rhonda Faehn remained on the podium whilst a team member competed.

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