Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Unusal Cool Skills

Don't you just love it when people come up with really unusal things to include in routines? Here's some of my favourites.

Elena Shushunova 1988 Floor Routine

You have to watch very closely to catching this one, but her second tumbling line includes a backhandspring using her knees. Crazy!

Jana Bieger 2005 Balance Beam

Speaking of knees... Jana Bieger completed a back tuck to one knee into front tuck to knees. How did she even think of it? Unfortunatley, Jana no longer competes it.

Yelena Produnova 2000 Floor Routine

She was awesome for a lot of reasons, but here in her floor exercise check out her straight front into double front combo. Also, on the originality front, her split leap withalf turn, half turn to splits on floor, windmill to splits (I think that's what it is... just watch!!)

Svetlana Baitova 1987 Balance Beam

Svetlana used a similar mount to canadian junior Peng Peng Lee. I believe she was the first to use seperated leg flares to mount the balance beam

Beth Tweddle 2008 Uneven Bars

Her new combo, which I think would be a toe on Tkachev with half turn, half turn into pak. Very cool, amongst the other great things in her bar routine

Elvire Teza 1997 Balance Beam

Check out her full twisting yurchenko loop to a back hip circle. Also, don't miss her sideways Yang Bo jump. This girl was just brimming with originality.

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